Muffler replacement in Soldotna, AK

A close-up image of a muffler

We keep our promises

The people in Soldotna are intelligent people. They know that exhaust and muffler issues should not be left alone to fester and impair your vehicle’s performance. We’re ready to assess all of your exhaust and muffler issues. We’re experienced and moreover, we’re perfectionists. Let us provide you with muffler replacement and exhaust services at our auto shop in Soldotna, AK today.

State standards

It’s our goal to make sure your exhaust is properly functioning and up to federal and state standards.

When it comes to broken mufflers, we’re here to ensure that your car doesn’t leave sputtering and howling, but is muffled like it should be. Nobody likes a car that bangs and clangs along a quiet country road; let us restore peace back to you, your vehicle and your neighborhood.

Affordable Service

Exhaust and muffler replacement can be a scary proposition for most people because you never know how much something is going to cost. But when you deal with us, you'll never have to worry that your service is going to cost more than it should.

We've established ourselves as Soldotna's most reliable and affordable automotive service team. Come and see us today to experience the C & M Muffler difference. You'll be glad you did!

Our pride and joy

As our job, auto maintenance is what we care most about. 

We are proud to specialize in the field of auto mechanics; mufflers and exhaust systems are our work and our pride! Let us be of service to you in doing what we love to do most! Contact us today for muffler replacement.
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